You’ve got this Ponytail...


It's Monday it's Sunday; it's New Year It's another year. Another trip around the sun. Thank you. That's all.

Why we do what we do.

Well that's a Hamlet question if ever there was one. Tony Robbins has made it his business to know why we do the things we do, it's pretty fascinating to hear his take on this.

If lobsters had doctors they'd never grow.

There's something about a new week / month and especially a year that has people setting goals and making changes. Change is stressful and creates pressure but, as this wise man says.

'the stimulus for growth is being uncomfortable … but times of stress are also times of signals for growth …."

Rabbi Twerski

Fill it (not fillet but Fill. It)

The sleepy first week of a Jozi January seems to be have been replaced with people clapping their hands and say 'well lets do this 2018' and what better way to kick start us all than a little 'motivational speech from Tim Minchin' who unashamedly says he's never had a 'real job' so to speak of.


Shall we do some? As ever, happy to be working with you all.

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